Al Hudaa Facilities

Babies: 6 months to 2 years

The baby area consists of three rooms offering different service provisions. One is a designated quiet area where your baby can relax and sleep in a peaceful environment. Another is a feeding area and the third one is a playing area to develop their early learning skills and abilities through playing. The staff are committed to meeting each child’s individual needs.

Parents and staff communication are of a high standard using daily diaries and verbal communication to ensure all events of the child’s day-care is passed on and monitored.

Children are provided breakfast, snacks at breaktime and lunch. 

Toddlers Room:

As your child grows and develops, they reach a suitable age around two or around 18 months (depending on individual needs), when their home room will change. Beforehand, multiple visits to their new room will be undertaken and parents will be informed when the changeover is imminent and will be introduced to the staff in the next room. As your child matures, we offer a wider range of activities, ranging from painting, artwork with malleable materials, fine motor skill development, gross motor activities, indoor and outdoor play, story reading, music and roleplay. Compared to the ‘baby room’ the day is far more structured; however, children are allowed to choose where and how their learning will take place. 


Our foundational unit builds upon the experience gained earlier in our Nursery. To this end, planning for the pre-school children takes places in consultation with the staff responsible for all two years olds.

The pre-school staff is experienced and committed to early years’ education. The environment has been set according to EYFS requirement to achieve the optimal educational outcome. The children are given more independence to choose what they wish to play and learn from. Creative activities indoor and outdoor play, story reading, music and roleplay. crafts, modelling and messy play are provided for each day and enjoyed collectively by the children.

Parent/carer involvement:

We keep parents as up to date as possible with what is going on in our Nursery. We do this by sending out regular newsletters, usually being placed into ‘home bags’ or through putting up posters and notices. We are always available for any specific subject you may wish to discuss, as well as childcare parent meetings that are held twice a year to discuss your child’s progress with their key worker and to share any thought to and for you to share any opinions or feedback you may have.

Key Worker:

Al Huda nursery uses a key worker system. A Key worker is someone who is assigned to a child. This system does not mean that the child only works with that singular person, but instead enables the named worker to invest more time in your child’s well-being and development. It also means that parents can have a point of contact on the staff to whom they can speak to about their child and who will become accustomed to your child’s unique needs and development.